Early in the spring of 2018, we set out to document how the Kia Sorento, Sportage and Niro are capable of surviving as nomadic creatures in the diverse range of climates and environments found across Canada. What we discovered was a surprising set of adaptations that allow them to cope with the multitude of challenges they encounter. Here are our findings…


Traversing a variety of terrain is a necessary part of nomadic life in Canada. To handle the task, the Sorento and Sportage have developed the ability to adapt to their surroundings by finding a foothold where others might slip.

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Using an integrated network of receptors, the Sorento can perform interspecies communication to relay information about location, health and safety. It can even receive various commands in order to prepare itself for a journey.

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The Niro is an agile hybrid capable of covering over 900 kilometres between feedings by efficiently using, conserving and even restoring its energy along the way.

Symbiotic Relationships

In exchange for small amounts of energy, the SUVs are able to receive a wide variety of benefits from a much smaller creature found across Canada.

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The members of the Kia family of SUVs take advantage of visual, audible and tactile methods of communication to stay in touch and up-to-date with their pack.

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The Sorento is able to evade environmental danger and even detect approaching predators with its unique peripheral vision that extends to reach its entire perimeter – providing 360° coverage.

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On Location with National Geographic

Take a journey in the Sorento with a National Geographic photographer as they search for interesting angles, hidden secrets and the unexpected in the surreal landscape of Western Australia.

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Whether it needs to carry more food and supplies for a lengthy journey or prepare space for a litter of passengers, much like an opossum, the Sorento is able to alter its internal layout to accommodate for either.

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With many ways to regulate their internal temperatures, these creatures are able to comfortably survive intense summer heat waves and frigid winter storms.

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On a bright, sunny day the Sorento and Sportage make use of a very large, transparent membrane located on their backs to absorb just the right amount of vitamin D.

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